Allison Bellows Jewelry

I am a self-taught jewelry designer who has been creating unusual one-of-a-kind pieces for about 30 years. My studio is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and none of my work is subcontracted. I work alone and make each piece of jewelry by hand. My time is split between Florida and Colorado with my husband, three children, four dogs!

As a child, I explored the shores of Lake Michigan and listened to the sound of water dancing on the rocks. I wondered how these stones were formed, how they had gotten to this place, and what journeys they had made. It seems to me people are like the stones. We are shaped by events that often seem beyond our control. Life carries us to unforeseen destinations, and I believe that inside every one of us there is beauty and a purpose.

My fascination with the spiritual connection between human cultures and the mystic energy of the vast array of the earth’s gifts is endless. The desire for personal adornment is eons old as is the quest to capture the power perceived to be in these materials I use. As you view the following pages you will see how I strive to connect the natural beauty and power of stones, fossils, and other materials into a unique statement that you can wear. Their stories will become part of your own story. I sincerely hope they will imbue your senses and fire your spirits.